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hey i guess i'm alive [02 Mar 2006|10:12pm]
1.Do you still talk to the person you first kissed?
Not that i know of, no.

2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons?
child labor.

3. What did you do when you weren't in school in the 2nd grade?
jerry springer.

4. What is the best thing about your job?
Money. The fact that I'm just basically on the computer all day.

5. Do you like more than one person right now?
Eh. At the moment? Probably not enough to persue.

6. Are you against same sex marriage?
Not at all.

7. Did you vote for Bush?
Not old enough and no.

8. Where are you going on your next vacation?

9. Have you dry humped any of your myspace friends?
Hm...it wouldn't be beneath me.

10. Are most of your friends guys or girls?
lmao my friends disappeared. But I think more guys than girls.

11. Do you own any furniture from Ikea?
Is it bad that my whole entire room is Ikea? What can I say I change furniture too often.

12. Last book you read?
Wow it's been a while...that's not like me at all.

13. If you could have one super power what would it be?
I'm still down with telekenisis.

14. Where have you lived most of your life?

15. What was the last convo you had about?
Masturbation, boredom, pictures, movies, uhm yeah.

16. Where do you see yourself in four years?

17. What's your favorite smell?

18. What is your favorite sound?

19. Are you moody?

20. Favorite movie of all time.

21. Have you ever done anything vindictive to your classmate?
EH who knows.

22. Have you ever gone to therapy?

23. Have you ever Played Spin the bottle?
Um no.

24. Have you ever Toilet papered someone's house?

25. Have you ever liked someone but never told them?
Who hasn't?

26. Have you ever gone camping?

27. Have you ever had a crush on your brother's friend?

28. Have you ever gone to a nude beach?
No, it's on my to-do list.

29. Have you ever gone streaking?

30. Have you ever had a stalker?

31. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

32. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

33. Have you ever gone to a party where you were the only who would go to the party and stay sober?

34. Have you ever been in love?

35. Have you ever felt betrayed by your best friend?

36. Have you ever lied to your parents?

37. Have you ever been outside of the US?

38. Have you ever thrown up from working out?

39. Have you ever gotten a haircut so bad that you wore a hat for a month straight?
No, but i've had some pretty bad haircuts in my lifetime.

40. Have you ever eaten 3 meals from 3 different fast food places in 1 day?
Quite possibly

41. Last song you listened to?
LMAO whatever this LP song is. Somewhere I belong.

42. Have you ever spied on someone?
hm...i think so

43. Have you ever slept with one of your coworkers?

44. Have you ever seen your best friend naked?
Depends on who I see as my best friend.

45. Who was the last person who called you?
haha sean.

46. When was the last time you slept for more then 12 hours?
can't even remember

47. Have you ever been arrested?

48. Most embarassing CD you own?
The Donnas. IDK WHY I BOUGHT IT they suck

49. Have you ever stolen anything?

50. Have you ever drank egg nog?
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steals from denise [15 Mar 2005|08:20pm]
Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play!
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 20 songs that play!
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from (Artist too)!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly!

Song 1: I'm faded, i'm tired, completely uninspired and I'd die again for you.
Song 2: you want to deal me, can't defeat me at your game. you buy and sell me, separate me from my name.
Song 3: STOP! collaborate and listen!
Song 4: with the taste of your lips i'm on a ride...
Song 5: I guess it's okay i puked the day away, i guess it's better you've trapped yourself in your own way.
Song 6: No, i don't want your number, no i don't wanna give you mine and no i don't wanna meet you nowhere no i don't want none of your time. [>.>]
Song 7: and I'll raise towers and climb them, rivers and walk them. Oceans to drown in...
Song 8: when everything's meant to be broken, i just want you to know who i am.
Song 9: i'm willing to bleed for days, my reds and grays so you don't hurt so much.
Song 10: do it cuz the crystal meth lifts you till you break.
SOng 11: please don't slow me down if i'm going too fast.
Song 12: stop right now thank you very much i need somebody with a human touch. hey you always on the run you gotta slow it down baby gotta have some fun.
Song 13: there is no time to looose you're the one i choose.
Song 14: you don't have to scream I can hear you.
Song 15: i know moving on is easiest when i am made 'round you.
Song 16: i'm givin' you everything, all that joy can bring yes i swear.
Song 17: we can rise, like candles in the dark
Song 18: sing me something soft, sad and delicate, or loud and out of key, sing me anything.
Song 19: silent but strong, yeah i'm playing that card and you're noticing nothing again.
Song 20: you don't give up, you're my stalker leave me be.

yeah i'm making this public.
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[23 Nov 2004|06:56pm]
Honestly, I hope that girl smashes her face into a window and scars her for life
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[21 Nov 2004|12:39pm]
promo..but you know you want to join itCollapse )
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[11 Nov 2004|11:49pm]
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[09 Nov 2004|01:12pm]
I find it funny how someone can ask for an opinion and then get mad at their answer. One, you asked, I provided. I'm sorry it disagrees with you. That doesn't give you any right to abuse your power and flip out. I'm so fucking sick and tired of those ignorant obnoxious bitches who gets pissed off just because somebody said something that they disagreed with. This post is for one of the mods in exquisite__ Good luck for your future members, fucktard.
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[27 Oct 2004|01:17pm]
this is for englishCollapse )
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[25 Jun 2004|11:53pm]
1. Open up all your music.
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. List the first 15 songs that come up, no matter how embarrassing.

Number of songs in library: 410

1. Three Small Words- Josie and the Pussycats
2. Walk me Home - Mandy Moore
3. Tostaky [Telepopmusik mix] - Noir Desire
4. Always Gone - Justincase
5. Lovebox - Groove Armada
6. Tomorrow - SR-71
7. Let me Die - Nick Tse
8. I Won't Spend Another Night Alone- The Ataries
9. Fuck You - Die Trying
10. Man and Wife, the latter (Damaged Goods) - Desaparecidos
11. Understatement - NFG
12. Highway to hell - Manson
13. Until the day I die - Story of the Year
14. No Surprises - Radiohead
15. Learn Chinese - Jin feat Wyclef Jean

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[21 Jun 2004|09:18pm]
* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: no
* Missed school because it was raining: yeah
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: hehehe
* Been hurt emotionally: yeah
* Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
* Had an imaginary friend: yeah
* Wanted to hook up with a friend: yeah
* Had a crush on a teacher: ..ew.
* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: nope
* Been on stage: Yes
* Shampoo: herbal/finesse
* soap: crabtree and eveyln
* Color: silver/pink/lime green
* Day/Night: Night
* Summer/Winter: winter
* Lace or satin: satin
* Fave cartoon Characters: bart
* Fave Food: eh...
* Fave Commercial: h8z
* Fave Movie: lilo and stitch/emperor's new groove
* Fave Ice Cream: vanilla fudge
* Fave Subject: science
* Fave 'normal' Drink: orange juice/lemon snapple
* Fave Persons to talk to online: john, justin, oh hay nobody talks to me online
* Fave Word: PENIS just kidding wow immature much?
-----------------RIGHT NOW----------
* Wearing: maroon t-shirt and shorts
* Hair is: up
* I'm feeling: crappy
* Eating: nothing
* Drinking: nothing
* Thinking: about showering
* Listening to: whirring of the computer and typing of keys
*Talking 2: vita

-----------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
* Cried: no
* Kissed: no
* Had sex: No
* Worn a skirt: no
* Met someone new: yeah
* Cleaned your room: yes
* Done laundry: no
* Drove a car: no

-----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
* Yourself: sure why not
* Your friends: Yeah
* Destiny/Fate: i don't see why not
* Angels: no
* Ghosts: no
* UFO's: no
* Reincarnation: yes

--------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* who have u known the longest of your friends? mel
* Who's the shyest: jesus i hate these.
* Who's the weirdest: idc
* Who do you go to for advice: vicki
* who do you cry to? nobody
* What's the best feeling in the world: orgazmz ~*~*~*~*~*...................OR SLITTING OF THE WRISTS!
* Worst Feeling: ...losing my razor down the drain?
* Who will respond to this Post the fastest? your mom
* Do you see yourself living and dying in the town you live in now? FUCK NO

so vita's layout sucks, what can I say.
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[22 May 2004|04:49pm]
survey thing stolen from shellyCollapse )
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[20 May 2004|07:41pm]
Thank you very much Samantha Seligman, you have re-stirred my interest in Eminem. Not only that I've now moved on to Eminem feat. DMX, eminem and d-12, eminem and cypress hill, eminem and dr. dre, eminem and vanilla ice, vanilla ice and eminem and manson. IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

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[15 May 2004|11:36pm]

join fool.
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[23 Feb 2004|09:48pm]

starting now. comment to be added.
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[23 Feb 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hm, so let's see. it's been about a year...[the whole 03-04 thing] since i wrote in this. In fact, ever since greatestjournal i forgot about this journal. It's changed a bit. Uhm, there's nothing much to write about i guess, other then the fact that I have obviously changed. It feels so wierd writing in this, it's kinda old...brings back memories of middle school. =\

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[12 Oct 2003|03:57pm]
Whoa like totally I am so bored and my dad's being an asswipe. argh maybe I should go and do something with my life. like get a hobby. What do people do anyways? My life is so abnormal.

I dont' live near anytihng, I can't drive, I dont' know what to do if I had either anyways. is it normal for me to be like this? I hope not.
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[09 Oct 2003|04:38pm]
Does any one else find it sad that I've been getting up early for the last week since tuesday to go in early mostly for nothing? I do. Anyways, I hate Vicki's life for not being here today and uhm...for not adding my new livejournal. Anyhoos, have a nice day and goodbye. I'm not supposed to be using the computers oops. =x bad mandy.

Ew wtf. I haven't been eating either....no I'm not anorexic so shush your uncaringness. kthanks bye
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